Providing HVAC Operational Assessments For Minneapolis Area Facilities

Custom Mechanical Solutions Requires A Thorough Operational Assessment

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, a full-service HVAC and facilities management company, begins every project with an Operational Assessment designed to analyze the current operational situation, identifies areas for improvement, and suggests cost-effective methods for filling those gaps.

This comprehensive assessment allows us to meet your unique facility’s needs while staying within budgetary and regulatory limitations. Whether we’re suggesting systematic repairs or improving energy efficiency, the Operational Assessment helps us mitigate risk and set a foundation for sustainable growth.

The Operational Assessment Allows Us To:

  • Identify Federal, State, and Local incentives that can maximize your return on capital investments.

  • Identify available rebates for additional cost savings.

  • Complete feasibility studies in regards to system design and process enhancements.

  • Locate appropriate energy savings programs.

  • Provide dependable, experienced technical support designed to reduce or eliminate downtime.

What To Expect From An Operational Assessment:

The Operational Assessment begins with testing and analysis covering the building’s historical energy usage and current costs. We establish baseline performance using the following KPIs:

  • Utility costs

  • Equipment performance

  • Energy consumption

  • Opportunity for redundancy

  • Operational reliability

After documenting baseline and historical performance, we create a customized list of suggestions designed to save energy, make your facilities more comfortable, and reduce or eliminate downtime. The resulting report outlines anticipated savings, costs and ROI for each suggestion made.