HVAC For Research And Development Companies In Minnetonka And Minneapolis

Proper HVAC Systems Enable Research And Development Facilities To Uphold High Standards Of Environmental Control

At Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to provide safe, healthy, and controlled working environments for R&D facilities across the Twin Cities.

As an ENERGY STAR® partner and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council®, all of our HVAC services are custom designed to limit environmental impact by means of clean air, low-impact ventilation, filtration systems, and emergency exhaust.

We Work Closely With Leading R&D Facilities To Understand Their:

  • Design parameters

  • Operating conditions.

  • Unique compliance requirements

  • Safety and environmental health standards

We also provide a comprehensive energy optimization plan to help R&D facilities control costs and enhance the work environment.

Our HVAC technicians are continually trained for safety along with their technical education, so you can rest assured knowing that you have the most skilled and effective technicians maintaining your R&D facility.