Design Build Company Minneapolis

When you work with Modern Heating & Air Conditioning in a design build project, our goal is to provide the greatest long-term return on the investment you make in new and improved systems. 

As your system design partner, we start with a thorough analysis of all the factors involved to help determine the value of each project. If a design/build project doesn’t seem feasible, we’ll tell you so. Then, we’ll help you come up with an alternative that makes better business sense. 

Our Design/Build Projects Include:

  • Seeking out cost savings through energy efficiency

  • Recovering costs through incentives or rebates

  • Developing strategic maintenance programs to limit repair expenses

  • Factoring in ongoing routine operating expenses

  • Maximizing projected ROI

With our combination of experience, skill, and technology, we’re confident we can handle any project you have in mind. Aligned with our comprehensive approach, we manage and schedule the material purchasing, personnel, safety programs, and commissioning. As a result, we guarantee all projects.

HVAC Design Build Engineering

Our design build expertise allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ current needs while anticipating future HVAC needs. With a professional engineer on staff, Modern Heating & Air Conditioning is able to provide “in-house” engineering and CAD services, which allows our project managers to partner with you from the start to finish of a project. This partnership allows our projects to be installed on an accelerated time frame and within budget.

CAD Drawings

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning provides professional plans using the latest CAD software. These plans are preferred by most city inspectors over common hand-drawn plans. Our plans can also be used to coordinate with other trades on a project eliminating conflicts. At the completion of a project, updated CAD as-built drawings are provided for your records.  

Equipment Replacement/Upgrades

Call Modern Heating & Air Conditioning when it is time to replace your old, worn out equipment. We do not simply replace your HVAC equipment with an exact replacement. We analyze your needs and select a system to meet your current demand while improving the overall efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.