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Planned Maintenance

Planned HVAC and Equipment Maintenance Services for Strategic Cost Control

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning's scheduled maintenance program helps protect your investment by making your HVAC equipment and mechanical systems last longer, avoiding potentially costly failures. 

Every maintenance program we design is specific to your particular equipment and usage patterns. By means of our comprehensive equipment database, we can choose the very best time and method of maintenance necessary to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning always follows industry guidelines, and best practices from leading organizations including IFMA, BOMA, and the EPA. Well-established relationships with all major equipment manufacturers and distributors ensures fast and cost-effective delivery and installation.

With real-time data and system-specific knowledge available, the Modern Heating & Air Conditioning team can ensure your building receives the best maintenance at the right time. 

Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Service

To develop your strategic maintenance program, our experienced HVAC technicians will: 

  • Analyze the age, condition, and application of systems in relation to their design.
  • Perform rapid repairs and replacements as needed, on a schedule that works for you.
  • Optimize equipment reliability and performance.
  • Accurately estimate the ideal replacement period for each piece of equipment to avoid costly downtime.
  • Recommend and facilitate incremental upgrades to improve performance and meet budgetary requirements.
  • Monitor and manage operational and maintenance activities and generate necessary reports.

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning’s preventive maintenance programs will dramatically reduce downtime throughout the year, saving you money. When repairs are needed, Modern also provides emergency HVAC services any time, any day.