Energy Optimization For Minneapolis And St. Paul Area Buildings

Custom Energy Solutions

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning customizes every energy program and efficiency service to ensure the solution provided is optimal for each client’s goals and circumstances. This personalized approach is based on our commitment to long-term sustainability. Our technicians continually focus on learning and applying the latest in energy technologies when developing our programs so our clients can rely on long-term sustainability.

At its core, our mission is to reduce total operating costs by improving the facility’s energy efficiency. Our list of delighted clients (over 90% renew each year) is the best testimonial we can offer. 

Complete Building Efficiency

With over 50 years’ experience and a sizable compliment of talented engineers and technicians on hand, we don’t need to subcontract our work or refer you elsewhere for a portion of what you need. Rather, we cover all your facility’s needs: evaluation, design, service and project management, program implementation, administration and support. We consistently report on performance and update our clients to keep them in the loop.

Energy Sustainability

While our first priority is improving the efficiency of existing systems, we will also analyze the building’s historical and current performance to identify additional cost savings opportunities, including repair or replacement of aging equipment. By extending the life of the existing equipment and promoting ongoing improvements, we improve the overall sustainability of your energy plan.

Preserving Resources

Beyond just offering energy saving services ourselves, we also collect and distribute applicable information to our clients, allowing them to make effective decisions regarding their energy needs. We hold memberships and affiliations with local, regional, industry and government associations that provide access to the data our clients need. 

Renewable Energy

Throughout the Twin Cities, alternative energy sources are better understood and more accessible than ever before. Among the most popular sources are solar, wind, and nuclear. Because we’re so focused on promoting sustainable and renewable energy, we’re continually investing in these technologies and exploring how we can use them to make our clients’ buildings more efficient, and our collective future bright.