Leading HVAC Services For The Minneapolis And St. Paul Area

For Over 50 Years, Modern Heating & Air Conditioning Has Provided Quality Commercial HVAC Services To Minneapolis And St. Paul Building Owners

Modern Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in providing energy efficient mechanical services to keep energy costs under control and create more comfortable environments for clients across the Twin Cities.

With energy costs and the complexity of mechanical systems ever on the rise, quality mechanical service providers are a necessity for every facilities manager. This can become complicated if you must seek out and coordinate multiple vendors to handle all of your HVAC service needs. That’s why so many of our clients take advantage of our complete HVAC solution.

Our HVAC Services Include:

Our overarching goal is reliable, efficient system performance at a reasonable cost with no downtime. Our 50 years in service speaks to the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated working with Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses. We work to customize HVAC solutions to fit every client’s needs. 

We Always:

  • Start with a detailed, personalized assessment. We don’t come into a project with any preconceptions or pre-packaged solutions.

  • Look for ways to save energy and control costs by administering a detailed analysis of your operational system and equipment, handling any needed adjustments.

  • Work to enhance the value of your machinery and support systems through scheduled maintenance that protects your investment.

  • Identify appropriate incentives and rebates, and help you obtain them.

From the comprehensive introductory assessments through continual strategic maintenance, Modern Heating & Air Conditioning focuses on delivering the highest possible return on your investment.

As a member of the largest nationwide HVAC services company, Service Logic, we’re confident you won’t find a better option in the Twin Cities area for handling whatever commercial mechanical systems needs you have.